Share a Meal

More than 75 percent of the world's malnourished children live in countries affected by conflict.



$1 is all it takes to share a meal. Our global partners are working hard to provide fresh, hot meals to the hungry.


Solving world hunger could end a myriad of problems - including poverty. We’ve helped thousands of individuals and families all around the world. But there is so much more to do.


We not only want to stop the famine and struggles in a handful of countries, but we envision a world where every struggling community has a free public bakery or kitchen that serves hot meals to the most vulnerable.


We cannot do this without you.


Hunger and malnutrition are the biggest risks to health worldwide - greater than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.


More than 75 percent of the world's malnourished children (122 million of 155 million) live in countries affected by conflict.


20 million people are currently at risk of famine in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Nigeria.


The sad reality is that there are many ways that hunger can pull and trap people in a vicious cycle of poverty. Without food, children can’t grow or attend school, and when they become adults their lack of education limits them from finding work. Those who are malnourished also simply don’t have the energy to work or study.


We are halfway across the world. No matter what we do, we cannot stop the fighting and the reasons that they are starving in the first place.


We can feed them, though. And we don’t have to just drop off food packages, we can create a sustainable model for entire communities where they can get fresh food every single day, whether that’s fresh bread or warm meals.


We’re currently on the ground in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, India, Bangladesh and Syria - building bakeries and kitchens, and feeding thousands of people every single day. But we can’t reach our goal of 1M meals without you.


Will you help us?


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We’ve partnered with non=profit organizations all around the world to help us fight world hunger. Your donation will be used to feed individuals, families and entire communities all around the world.

Who are your partners?

Our partners are trusted non-profit organizations all around the world. They have undergone a thorough vetting process and we’re confident that your funds are used appropriately.

How does $1 feed an individual for a day?

On average, it costs just about $1USD a day to feed an individual, but of course this varies depending on where we are, and the situation. Worry less - if the meal costs less than $1USD, we simply use the remaining funds to feed additional individuals.

What do individuals receive for $1?

It depends. In some cases, we distributed food gift cards or vouchers, or even cash. In other situations, we provide fresh, hot meals. We do what we can to not only help individuals fight hunger, but also help the economy in which they live in.

How do I know where my donation is going?

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